Our Plans


To address these various needs and to prepare for our 175th Anniversary Celebration, we have an ambitions and exciting plan. It calls for transforming our worship space and restoring many of the beautiful aspects of our historic church, ultimately “Lighting the Way to the Future.”

Worship Space Plans Cost: $1,000,000

  • Sanctuary Black Marble Removal: With the black marble removed, our sanctuary will significantly brighten up with a welcoming and inspiring color scheme. Although the final design has not been set, we are sure that it will better reflect the light of our parish community. Our hope is to repurpose the black marble in some other way within and around our church campus.
  • Painting and Restoring the Walls, Ceiling and Stained Glass Windows: The walls and ceilings will also be restored and repainted so that there are no more dirt stains or cracks. The color scheme will match that of the sanctuary and will look uniform, welcoming, peaceful and bright. Many of the stained glass windows lining the Church will also be cleaned and restored.
  • Stained Glass Window Addition: The covered hole that once housed the prominent circular St. Francis de Sales stained glass window will again be filled with a stained glass window with the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the center focus. St. Francis de Sales had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, making it a meaningful and sacred complement to the existing stained glass window at the back of the church. The window will allow more light to shine in on the altar area, effectively enhancing the brilliance of the church.
  • Pew Restoration: We plan to refurbish our pews as they are over 100 years old and in need of refinishing. We will also be exploring the option of having cushioned pews to further increase comfort. Pew kneelers will also be updated to improve comfort and minimize noisy distractions.
  • Flooring Replacement: While the type of flooring has not yet been decided, the choice of material will help make the church acoustic-friendly and will also add to the bright, vibrant spiritual atmosphere that will be reflected within the church. Easy maintenance and durability will also be considerations.
  • Organ Replacement: We plan to replace our obsolete organ with a new or gently used digital organ. This versatile new organ will provide the essential melodies to everyday liturgy and will be a beautiful blessing not only for Masses, but for the weddings and funerals that our church attracts. The instrument will be able to fit to pipes, possibly paving the way for a future pipe organ.
  • Sanctuary Furniture Upgrades: We are going to have new, matching wooden sanctuary furniture that ties in with the altar, ambo, baptismal font and St. Joseph and St. Mary side altars so that there is a sacred and uniform look and design.
  • Lighting / Electrical Improvements: We plan to install additional and directional Sanctuary lighting to brighten up the altar area. We also plan to upgrade the pendant light wiring for mass settings so that lights can be dimmed and brightened versus being just on or off. Upgrading the lights used within the church to LED and CFL lights will go a long way to saving on utility costs as well. The two stained glass windows on the east side of the church that are covered by the building will be back lit to bring out their beauty.
  • Music and Choir Space Improvements: We plan to have wide, carpeted steps below each side altar where music leaders can have the option to set up seating for choir members, opening up more seats in the pews for the congregation. This arrangement will also provide plenty of room for instrumentalists. Hanging microphones will also create ample space for Communion flow.  The dual choir area will allow safe options for large choir groups and concerts while producing a visual symmetry for our worship space. It will have a clean and uncluttered look when there is a liturgical celebration without a choir, as the chairs or benches can be removed.
  • Choir Loft Improvements: The Choir Loft will experience a facelift to clean and refurbish the space to make it presentable and easier to navigate.

Additional Plans Cost: $500,000

  • Devotional Area Additions: We are planning on having one or two devotional areas in the back vestibule of the church. These devotional areas will provide a quiet, private area to light a candle, pray and reflect.
  • Welcome Center: The Library will be relocated from the Gathering Space and the walls will be removed to make a more spacious, warm and hospitable Welcome Center. The stained-glass window in the library will also be fully exposed and enjoyed by all who enter and exit. We plan on having a TV mounted in the area that will display all announcements, which will reduce clutter and promote fellowship before and after Mass.
  • Electrical Improvements: The kitchen and parish hall will have new circuitry to take on large cooking events like dinners and brunches that require substantial electrical capacities.
  • Parking Lot Regrading and Resurfacing: The entire parking lot will be resurfaced with the water re-directed to drain properly, making the area safer for the church and school community.
  • Capital & Future Projects Fund: We plan on creating a Capital & Future Projects Fund that will cover any future needs and/or emergencies that may arise. By doing so, our parish and school can feel safe and secure in knowing that we have a fund specifically for inevitable future maintenance items that will benefit the entire St. Francis de Sales community and will allow us to be self-sustainable for future updates.