Faith with a Face – Pam Lenon

pamWhen Pam Lenon’s kids were small they would help her dig on their property. She didn’t know it at the time, but while her children were looking for “buried treasure”, she was discovering a God given talent of designing gardens. She started planting and creating, catching the attention of her friends and neighbors. Soon people started asking to hire her to do their landscapes. This was 28 years ago when her now-very-successful company, Gardenscapes, was born, and her business has since exceeded her wildest expectations.

Taking classes and seminars along the way, her knowledge grew, and her business expanded. “It’s hard to explain, but the land speaks to me. It shows me the vision”, she said when asked how she plans her designs.

In 1994 when the SFDS Parish Hall was being built, Fr. Dave Braun asked Pam to do a gardenlandscape plan. Not only did she design the garden, but she donated the plants and labor to install it. The garden is located in between the rectory and the Parish Center. “I decided to do a Biblical Garden…all of the flowers there are mentioned at some point in scripture”. The plants, which are used in our present day lives, were also part of the everyday lives of the people in the Bible. They are the living connection between us and the people of those earlier times.

For the past 22 years Pam and her crew have maintained that garden, the seasonal pots by the front doors, and the “hill” in front of the church. “It’s actually been a gift that has been given back to me”, she said. “I’m honored to have had the opportunity to design the garden and watch it grow. It’s been very rewarding!”

Thank you, Pam, for creating this beautiful space for people to reflect and feel closer to nature and to God. Your talents and generosity are so very much appreciated!